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supersizes's Journal

An America/Ukraine Fan Community
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it's our world☆★wide love
The United States/Ukraine

♫ S u n s h i n e o n a c l o u d y d a y }}
Welcome to Supersizes, a community for fans of the relationship between America and Ukraine of Axis Powers Hetalia! This is the place to post anything about the two, from fanworks to graphics to cosplay.

Play nice. This is a place to have fun and share things, not get involved in a flame war. Please try and keep other people's feelings in mind, and don't bash anything here.

☀ Posts may contain other nations or pairings besides America/Ukraine, but either of the two must be the main focus of the piece. It is their community, after all. ;D

☀ Please tag your posts with the premade tags. It makes things easier to find afterwards. If you need a tag made, just contact the mod.

☀ Downloads or mature content should be members-locked and tagged as such.

☀ Large images or blocks of text should be placed behind an LJ-cut. I'll be using the main community's rule of 300x300 being the largest limit that can be uncut.

☀ Fanfiction should have the following format in its post [spaces removed]:

< b>Title:</b>
< b>Author/Artist:</b>
< b>Character(s)/Pairing(s):</b>
< b>Rating:</b>
< b>Warnings:</b>
< b>Summary:</b>

Thank you, and please enjoy!
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